Sunday, April 3, 2011

Stop sign fun!

Last night I had that crazy dream of getting stuck in a snow bank, trying to hang up my newest tag.  

I decided, even though I was almost ready for bed, to get dressed and run out and bomb the crap out of something!  I looked out the window and found only one sign that would be visible from my window.  That wouldn't do, as it wouldn't get much attention.  People drive by that sign too fast, may not see it.  

So at 2:30 a.m. I donned a hat, coat, grabbed my keys and bomb and left to find the perfect spot, on foot, bare foot.  (I love the warmer weather!  I can walk outside with no shoes and not freeze.)

There it was. Just as I got outside, I saw it.  A stop sign. Perfect.  People will surely see that!  Not sure how long it will last, but it will be visible. It is a lime green bomb with eyelash yarn stripe on the top.    I ran over to it, checking for cars of course, and bombed the sign with my tag.  I couldn't get a great pic of it, as my camera's batteries were wearing out and didn't want to power the flash.

  So I resign to going to bed, without the shot of it on the sign, and only hope that it will last until daylight.

Good night and happy hooking! (I just love it!  Sounds so dirty, but I truly mean it in a purely innocent way! )


  1. Let us know if it was still there! Pictures please!!!

  2. As of today, it still is there!

  3. Quite nice. Good colors for the location as well!