Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nelson, Boom!

The Creamery, If you have never been to Nelson, WI to visit the creamery you are missing out.  This Hippie Hooker decided to stop in for something to munch on for the ride home (and perhaps bomb, should the opportunity arise! And it always does!) 

I chose my bomb, and walked in through their old screen doors.  My mouth immediately started to salivate in anticipation of the delightful treats to come.  The decisions I was about to make could be some of the most difficult I would have to make, at least for the next hour or two.

I perused passed the cheese in the center and my eyes locked gaze with this handsome sack of garlic cheese curds.  It was love at first sight.  The Hippie Hooker was hooked.  I made my purchase and sat outside on the lovely weather warn benches. 

I stuck my hand inside that paper sack and tore into the curd bag as quickly as I could, I can still almost taste those yummy cheese curds!  I ate a few, and they were like heaven! 

But this wasn't why The Hippie Hooker was really there, those darn cheese curds were doing something to me, they were trying to foil my mission of bombing the place.  I won't be fooled so easily Mr Garlic Cheese Curd!  Nice try!

I noticed that while I was in my moment of curded bliss, a few people had sat around me, this could prove to be a difficult mission.  I was a bit nervous.

I got out my blue curly-q bomb and started to tie it on.  The gentleman sitting right next to me had the most confused look on his face.  My hands were shaking a bit as I said "It's a bit of a traveling art project, ever hear of yarn bombing?"  Well that caught the attention of one lady who was sitting next to me on the other side.  I briefly explained what it was, and she had to have her picture taken with me and the bomb. 

Over all the trip was a lot of fun, I only had purchased one sweater, one beef stick and a bag of yummy cheese curds.  A week later, I am not sure if the Nelson bomb or the Eagle bomb are still up, but I do know that the Farmers bomb is still waving in the wind! 

Until next time, Yours
The Hippie Hooker!

The National Eagle Center.... Consider It Bombed!

So what is a Hippie Hooker to do when she finds herself in a town like Wabasha, MN with chrocheted bombs just waiting to go off? 

While I passed through the streets filled with people scooping up their treasures from the garage sales, I wondered where in this tiny town would I bomb.  Then it dawned on me.  There happens to be a place in Wabasha called the National Eagle Center, housing Bald Eagles and educating the world about the amazing creatures that they are.  On my face grew a sinister grin as I pulled into a parking stall.

I casually walked around the front of the building, noting that there were two garbage bins right in front of the entrance to the building.  Perfect!  I could stick a bomb on one of those and place is just so the people working in the building wouldn't be able to see it. 

never having been to the NEC, I wanted to see what it looked like.  I walked into the building and was blown away by the amount of eagle stuff you could buy!  They had anything you could ever imagine in the form of an eagle.  This is just one shot of the nick nacks and paddy whacks.  Why?

Secondly I was shocked by the price!   Really?  Today, all the Hippie Hooker would see of this place was the gift shop and this imposing admission fee sign. 

I left with a slight smerk on my face.  Now they were REALLY getting bombed!

I chose my spot, sat on the curb next to it and quickly pulled it from my sack. I tied it on and snapped a few shots and left.  No one walked by as I was doing it, but as I was leaving someone did stop and read the tag!  That excited me!

On the road again!  Nelson, here I come!!!!

100 Miles of Bombing Fun (AKA The 100 mile garage sale, but that just sounds lame)

So last weekend was the annual "100 mile garage sale" in this area. It is the annual freak out event. People rent U-haul trucks, bet out the pick up trucks, wagons, what ever they can to haul their load of crap home!  I was excited to be able to go this year, I had to work last year.  It was a beautiful day, and was foretasted to rain! 

It used to start on Saturday and end Sunday. Then Friday and Saturday.  This year, Thursday and Friday were the big days, and by the time I went on my day off (Saturday) most of the stuff was so picked through it wasn't much fun.

Before leaving town, I remembered it was also the first Farmers Market in Winona!  I had to stop and support everyone there!  I picked up one of my favorite beef sticks from the Earth Be Glad farm!  If you have never eaten their beef, you had best try them out!  The chickens and cows are fed on a pasture based system during the growing season (i.e. warm enough to be outdoors and have food to eat) and beef are fed organic hay in the winter months, chickens organic oats corn and roasted soybeans.  The most amazing food I have ever tasted. (This coming from a former vegan.)

I decided that this would be the perfect time to do some Yarn bombing!  So away I went! I bombed the Farmers Market, in broad day light!  I even had the ca-hones to tape myself!  It will be posted on a later post, sorry folks, I don't have the time to edit it at the moment. 


I have been failure at blogging!  Failure!   I have had one HUGE success story to share about this little Diddy!  This little guy is STILL up!   Been over a month!  For all you Winonans out there, can you spot it?