Saturday, April 30, 2011

I'm not dead yet! I'm getting better!

O.K. so I ripped that off from Monty Python!  Sorry! 

I suppose any of those few who read this silly blog are wondering what the Hippie Hooker has been up to these days.  Well, let me see here!  Hmmmm...

I have made an assortment of yarn bombs that are just waiting for me to detonate them!  I have been holding off as I wanted to make some calling cards to string up with them.  I have plenty to last me for a while.  I have been using my lunch breaks, you know, from that time that I spend laboring to pay my bills? Half an hour makes about one bomb, if I eat a light lunch, which I do most days.

Then there is the calling card situation.  I know most folds have little business cards made up and then laminated.  Not this girl.  Nope.  I got out my mom's set of quills that she gave me eons ago and a few ink wells and began working on my calligraphy again.  It's been a few years so my skills are rusty.  But it is coming back to me, slow but sure.  And with all scrap booking toys and papers I have, why just settle for plane Jane cards.  O.K. so perhaps I am just trying to build myself up here!  To tell the truth, I am cheap.  I am doing my yarn bombing on no budget.  I don't believe in spending money on it. I truly think that this art form can be just as amazing using all upcycled materials, found items, or things I currently own and am pack ratting. Not that I pack rat anything, never!!!!! (right!)

So the calling cards are covered, I even wrote this silly blogs site on it.  Bombs are made, and ready to go...... so what am I waiting for?!?! 

I am not sure! Being a lone bomber, it is hard to prove that it was you who did it, so I would like to employ a side kick to snap some shots.  This has held me back a bit.  Any takers out there in bloggersville?

I will end with a whoop whoop and a pat on the back to myself!  I learned tonight, at one a.m., how to crochet a peace sign!!!!!! Who's awesome and has two thumbs?   This hippie chick! 

Peace, Yarn, and chicks with hooks!

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